The Unofficial yet Definitive Captain Canuck ComicographyCaptain Canuck Figure


Bagged Collector Packs

Captain Canuck Special Collector's Pack 1Captain Canuck Special Collector's Pack 1
$1.49 price

Set contains Captain Canuack #1 (1975), Captain Canuck #2 (1975) and a Colour & Cut-Out 3-D Table Top Diorama


Captain Canuck Special Collector's Pack 2Captain Canuck Special Collector's Pack 2
$1.49 price

Set contains Captain Canuack #1 (1975), Captain Canuck #2 (1975), Captain Canuck #3 (1975) and a Colour & Cut-Out 3-D Table Top Diorama. Along with the inclusion of issue #3 the bag is additionally marked "Extra Extra #3 Included in this Pack"


Canadian Super Hero Captain Canuck PackCanadian Super Hero Captain Canuck Pack
Produced by Choice Publications, Scarborough, Ontario.
99¢ price

Bilingual Canadian bagged set contains non-UPC Captain Canuack #6 (1979) and non-UPC Captain Canuck #7 (1980)


Chapterhouse 5 ComicsChapterhouse 5 Comics Red Pack
2017 produced by Chapterhouse Publishing
$4.99 price

Canada 150 anniversary special grab bag of five comics available at Winners stores. Features five different and varied Chapterhouse comics. In addition to Captain Canuck comcis my pack included an issue of Spirit Leaves and The Pitiful Human-Lizard.


Chapterhouse Five ComicsChapterhouse Five Comics White Pack
2017 produced by Chapterhouse Publishing
$5 price

Canada 150 anniversary special grab bag of five comics available at Chapterhouse Publishing booths at comic book conventions. Features five different and varied Chapterhouse comics. My pack included the four issues of Captain Canuck Vol2 and a 2017 FCBD Year One Captain Canuck comic.


Colouring Books

Captain Canuck Colouring BookCaptain Canuck Colouring & Activity Book: First Premiere Edition
2012 published by AMProductions/Comely Comix/Richard Comely Publications
100 pages

Art from Captain Canuck's Origin to the Present, plus Fun Facts about Canada & Captain Canuck, Cut-Out Stand-Up figure of Captain Canuck on Back cover and includes many before unseen art, the original Tom Evans Captain Canuck & Darren Oak the 2nd Captain Canuck. Art by Richard Comely, Jean Claude St. Aubin & George Freeman

  Captain Canuck Tell The Story - Captain Canuck: The Sasquatch Cometh BORDER=Captain Canuck Tell The Story Activity Book
2015 published by Chapterhouse Comics

Tell the Story is an activity book featuring sequential art or graphic narrative (comic book-style stories) with blank word balloons and space for captions. Adding art and providing the lettering enhances the learning experience. The aspiring artist and writer in all of us can now “Tell the Story” with their own words. This premiere issue of Tell the Story features Captain Canuck in “The Sasquatch Cometh” by Richard Comely!


Comic Appearances

Captain Canuck Newspaper StripCaptain Canuck Newspaper Strip
1976 published by Winnipeg Tribune & 1977 published by The Albertan Mirror

Captain Canuck was featured in a short run newspaper strip which ran in the Winnipeg Tribune. In addition, on December 20th, 1977 The Albertan Mirror ran a complete Captain Canuck Christmas strip.

  Utopian MomentsThe New Original Captain Canuck Utopia Moments #1
1999 published by Matrix Comics
27 pages mini comic

Written by Mark Shainblum, art by Sandy Carruthers, letters by Ron Kasman and a painted cover by Dejan Ostojic.

Limited edition and reprinted twice in 2001 according to Mark Shainblum's website.

  War of the Independents #1War of the Independents #1
2011 published by Red Anvil
32 pages

A Gathering Storm - Written and drawn by Dave Ryan with additional art by Franchesco!, Mariano Nicieza and John Higgins

Dave Ryan's magnum opus has, for the first time ever in a single comic series, brought together over 200 independent and creator-owned comic characters for the most ambitious, inter-company crossover ever! When villains attempt to create an inter-dimensional doorway for world conquest, they wind up confronting a plethora of heroes from across the muiltiverse to stop them! Tom Evans Captain Canuck featured on the cover with cameos of both Tom Evans and David Semple as Captain Canuck

  War of the Independents #3War of the Independents #3
2012 published by Red Anvil
32 pages

If I Had A Hammer - Written and drawn by Dave Ryan with additional art byAurelio Mazzara, and Chris Giarrusso

Issue #2 of this series did not feature Captain Canuck but this issue has Tom Evans Captain Canuck with dialog.

  Low Society #1Low Society #1
2013 published by The Toronto Comics Lab
40 pages

This Cerebus parody comic contains an unlicensed and unauthorized Captain Canuck cameo. Canuck has fallen asleep in the Comic Book Character Limbo waiting room but thankfully he did not miss having his number called!

  The Pitiful Human-Lizard & Captain CanuckThe Pitiful Human-Lizard & Captain Canuck
2015 published by Loo Harvest Group
250 print run

Fresh outta Chinatown, it's the #?MadeInChinatown? minicomic with Captain Canuck! These were made available at the Pitiful Human-Lizard issue 5 release party at Silver Snail Comics, August 8th 2015

  Agents of PACT #1Agents of PACT #1
2017 published by Chapterhouse Publishing
32 pages

The Chapterverse launches with this brand new series! The X-Files meets Velvet meets Birds of Prey. In Canada. There’s an extra-dimensional breach in the Canadian North. Enter P.A.C.T., the paranormal investigation arm of CSIS. With Captain Canuck AWOL, P.A.C.T director Manon DesChamps (formerly Fleur De Lys) must forge her own team of super-agents, pulled from Equilibrium, the Aurora Dawn, and other less savoury sources. She affectionately calls them her Fleurs de Conflit but to the world at large, they are: The Agents of P.A.C.T.!

Captain Canuck on the cover of this spin-off series

  Fallen Suns Season 1 #2Fallen Suns Season 1 #2
2017 published by Chapterhouse Publishing
24 pages

A Chapterverse title - The clock is ticking. In a matter of days, the alien Pharos will be executed by H.A.L.O. for his crimes against Earth. It's up to Equilibrium agent Parminder Patel to find out what she can about the great warrior's past, and learn more about the imminent Borealis threat, before it's too late. Lucky for her, she's not alone; another player secretly stalks the H.A.L.O. facility. Someone who has come from another world entirely!

Captain Canuck appears in a one panel cameo flashback.



Time Magazine 9 June 1975Time Magazine 9 June 1975
1975 published by Time Magazine
?? pages

Canadian Edition contains an article on page 10 titled "Canuck to the Rescue. Discusses the work of a 24-year old Richard Comely in bringing Captain Canuck into the comic book marketplace. Photos of Issue #1 cover and Richard at his art table.

Personal note: I don't have a copy of this so if you have a spare or two please contact

  Comics Feature #1Comics Feature #1
1980 published by New Media Publishing
64 pages

Three-page article written by Hal Schuster all about Captain Canauck. History, story synopsis, and a photo of Richard Comely with Ken Ryan. Inside, front cover is a full page advertisment for Captain Canuck.

  Orion #1Orion #1
1981 published by Discovery Publications
36 pages

Captain Canuck on the cover drawn by Richard Comely. Captain Canuck: The Triumphant Return of the Canadian Hero - Written by Mark Shainblum. A Conversation with Canada's Own Richard Comely - Written by Mark Shainblum.

Interesting articles but poorly timed as this is just about when CKR stopped publishing Captain Canuck. Inserted into the magazine was a letter from Mark expalining the closure of CKR.

  The Comics Journal #52The Comics Journal #52
1979 published by Fantagraphics
80 pages

Captain Canuck #7 gets a brief mention in an "Alternative Comics Publishers" news column but the real attraction here is a full page advertisment for Issue #7 Featuring the classic George Freeman image surrounded by rarly seen ad copy.

  The Comic Reader #201The Comic Reader #201
1982 published by Street Enterprises
64 pages

Captain Canuck, Captain Britain, Captain America & Captain Kentucky on the cover drawn by Don Rosa. Captain Canuck does not appear inside the issue but the cover credits state "... Don Rosa presents this tribute to "that time of year" again in Louisville, the Kentuky Derby, as attended by that new singing group, Captains Courageous."

  The Comic Cellar Summer 1982The Comic Cellar Summer 1982
1982 published by Fifer International
90 pages

Captain Canuck on the cover drawn by Richard Comely. Interviews with Richard Comely, Ron Leishman, Ken Ryan (CKR Business Manager), George Freeman and a Captain Canuck checklist. Also included the newspaper strip.

  Time Magazine April 1997Time Magazine April 1997
1997 published by Time Warner

Captain Canuck on the cover drawn by Richard Comely. Article inside refering to Canada and its emergence as an international exporter of goods. A political article not directly related to Captain Canuck.

Personal note: I don't have a copy of this so if you have a spare or two please contact

  Alter Ego #71Alter Ego #71
2007 published by TwoMorrows
100 pages

Captain Canuck on the cover drawn by George Freeman. The Great Canadian Comic Books - Written by Michael Husk, Patrick Loubert and Alan Walker

I have not read the entire article but there seems to me a tonne of great stuff about "Canadian Whites" and the Canadian comics published during World War II.

  The Walrus February 2007The Walrus February 2007
2007 published by The Walrus Foundation
??? pages

Captain Canuck on the cover. To The Rescue - Written by Don Gilmour. A political article not really featuring Captain Canuck or his history, subtitled "Have the Liberals Found Their Captain Canuck?".

Personal note: I don't have a copy of this so if you have a spare or two please contact

  Back Issue #83 September 2015Back Issue #83 September 2015
2015 published by TwoMorrows Publishing
80 pages

Captain Canuck: If At First You Don't Succeed, Try, Try Again - 6 page article written by Jay Williams with a plethora of great images from Jay's personal collection. Discusses the history of Captain Canuck publishing from 1975 to today.

  LDSLiving July / August 2017LDSLiving July / August 2017
2017 published by LDSLiving
?? pages

Captain Canuck on the cover. How 2 Mormons Created a Canadian Superhero Legend (+ How They Share Their Faith) - article written by Danielle B. Wagner discussing how Captain Canauck was created by Latter-day Saints Richard Comely and Ron Leishman. "From superheroes and villains to the inspiring creators behind them, here are a few ways LDS characters, artists, and writers have influenced the comic book industry."



Canada Post Captain Canuck Postal StampCanada Post Captain Canuck Postal Stamp
1995 released by Canada Post

To commemorate a generation of more nationalistic costumed crusaders which emerged in the the 70's and 80's Canada Post issued a set of superhero postage stamps, most notably Captain Canuck and the Team of Northguard, Fleur de Lys.



Captain Canuck: The Terror Birds (novel)Captain Canuck: The Terror Birds (novel)
2017 published by Chapterhouse Publishing
Written by Neil Dougherty

Answering a scrambled distress call from an old friend launches Canuck and Kebec into a maelstrom of violence triggering a race against time to foil a terrorist attack. Backed by a fanatical North Korea hell bent on revenge, Goldcorps' sinister special projects have pushed the dark frontiers of science and weaponized a prehistoric cyborg. Their target - the new Canadian Prime Minister's first G8 summit in Ottawa. Equilibrium's two top operators will need all their skill to stop the massacre on the Rideau and push their friendship to its limits as the duo cross Canada on their wildest and most outrageous outing yet.



Drawing From The Pros VHSDrawing From The Pros Vol 1 VHS
2000 released by Richard Comely Productions
90 minutes

VHS video tape how-to guide to draw comics and cartoons. Richard starts with 12 basics for artistic success. With the help of artist Ric Estrada he takes his camera to the artists where they work. Learning to draw, having the passion to draw well, finding work and working as a commercial artist are all discussed.

Personal note: I don't have a copy of this so if you have a spare or two please contact

  Captain Canuck Animated Web SeriesCaptain Canuck Annimated Web Series
2013 produced by Captain Canuck Inc and Smiley Guy Studios

Captain Canuck was reinvented for 2013 in an exciting new 5-episode animated web series. Join Canada's legendary superhero as he makes his animated debut in the action-packed adventure, "Fool's Gold"! Released also as a DVD collection which incuded five episodes of Captain Canuck-Fool's Gold, Fool's Gold Unwrapped, The Indiegogo Crowd Funding Video and Dr. Stevil Talks Canuck.